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Oscar Marcelo Correa

Born in Mendoza, Argentina

Resides in Apex, North Carolina


At a very young age in Mendoza Argentina I watched and learned from my father Carlos Correa, who I consider a Renaissance man. He was a self taught master of all forms of art he attempted.  His eye and attention to detail was unparalleled. I watched and learned from the master. 


I was 15 years old when, my mother, my two older brothers and I moved from Mendoza to Sarasota Florida where my father had moved the year prior and established our new home. I can't explain the change and wonder in this new world for me. We all had jobs and worked to support our family. I worked primarily in restaurants for many years, but continued my art on the side when I could.


Fast forward to meeting the love of my life. Every day I get to wake up and create beauty with my wife Paula.  We work together at Sculpture Studios in Apex NC, where I am a ceramist by day, create art at home in the evening, and do pop up shows on the weekends.  Every day of my life is full of beauty, and the artistic process.


Mostly my work consists of commisioned art pieces, whether it's logos for businesses, customizing a piece of dental equipment, artwork for different product packaging, customizing shoes, or donating custom pieces for great causes, I love it all! We also are involved with live painting events/shows. Graphite, oils, acrylics, or pastels are my mediums of choice.


My hope is that my art brings as much happiness to you, as it does me.

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