Oscar Correa

Born in Mendoza, Argentina

Lives & works in Sarasota, Florida


At a very young age in Mendoza Argentina I watched and learned from my father

Carlos Correa, who I consider a Renaissance man. He was a self taught master at all forms of art he attempted. He created unbelievable works of art whether the medium was architecture, photography, painting, drawing, leatherwork, fabric designs, metalworking, mechanics, or writing. His eye and attention to detail was unparalleled. I was taught by the master. 


Today, my passion for art has been reignited! I look forward to creating every day alongside my partner in life Paula.  Mostly my work consists of commisioned art pieces. Graphite, oils, acrylics, or pastels are my mediums. My plan is to continue my father's legacy, and pass it along to my two sons, Logan and Kyan.  My beautiful family is my greatest masterpiece!

Upcoming events

2015 movie, "Rocky Mountain Fast Guy"